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      "Dhirendra S. Saxena (known to me as “Sax”) is a nationally recognized and internationally known geo-forensic expert. He is well respected by his peers in his field and has been a practicing engineer in Florida for over 45 years. His experience is varied and he has written and published over 80 technical papers.


Sax’s valuable specialty services in the field of vibration damage to my old/historical (built in 1973) residential structure from deep sheet-pile installation operations on a nearby underground drainage retention vault has articulated my case against the contractor. My counsel and I have appreciated his unique expertise and have benefited from his findings and report.


I wish him well and would not hesitate in recommending him in the future. He is highly professional and an expert in his field."

-- David F. Johnston, Americas Generators, Inc.

“I have worked with many engineers in my career. I needed an engineer for a personal matter. Mr. Saxena had come highly recommended. He was very detail-oriented and thorough with his testing and investigation. His reports were extremely thorough and unbiased to give an objective opinion in my situation. I highly recommend Mr. Saxena.”

-- Jeff Cole, Homeowner

“I am an attorney and an engineer that routinely handle construction defect cases. In one particular case we needed an expert in ground settling resulting from a failure to maintain a nearby canal. Mr. Saxena was recommended to me and his work was spectacular. In clear and concise language he was able to describe how the damage occurred and how it was directly related to the failure to maintain the nearby canal. Mr. Saxena is highly professional and expert in his field.”

George Harder, Harder Law, P.A.

“Sax has provided me with his forensic engineering expertise over many years, and he has always been thorough in his work, his research, his testing, and his results. I place high confidence in his opinions and recommendations (favorable or unfavorable), because I can count on them being rock solid and unassailable”.

-- K. C. Bouchillon, Saunders Law Group

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