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your GeoForensic  and Geotechnical Expert, M Eng., PE, SI, D FE, D GE, M CFLC

Welcome to our where we  are Engineering A Better WorldSM. It’s what we do.


Our services, 

  • Forensic engineering 

  • Geo-Forensic engineering, and

  • Geotechnical engineering,

We offer investigative services for soil structure interaction related failures of engineering facilities or structures, including construction defects, materials evaluation, vibration monitoring and isolated damage to structures including pavement and foundations.  We also provide expert witness  testimony in depositions and court appearances.

These services are provided by or under the direction of 

D. S. “Sax” Saxena PE  Sax who has over 50 years of hands on experience with projects throughout North America, is a leader within the Academy of Forensic Engineers, Geo Professionals (AGP) and is a registered professional engineer in four (4) states.

Our expertise has benefited professionals, home owners, developers, engineers, insurance companies, architects, contractors and governmental agencies.

D.S. "Sax" Saxena

  • Vibration Damage Investigation

  • Construction Vibration Testing and Monitoring

  • Construction Defects, Claims, Disputes

  • Building Damage Assessment and  Site Claims

  • Peer Review, Value Engineering, Consultation

  • Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support

  • Certified Neutral Evaluator for ADR Process

  • Sinkhole Damage and Assessment

  • Specification Compliance Failure

  • Materials Evaluation and Condition Assessment

  • Forensic Geophysical Survey


  • Vibrations from Blasting and Pile Driving

  • Floor Elevation Survey and Settlement Monitoring

  • Foundation and/or Soil Failure

  • Compaction and Settlement Failure

  • Slope Stability and Failure

  • Retaining Wall and /or Excavation Failure

  • Pre- and Post- Condition Survey of Nearby Structures

  • Geosynthetics Design and Geomembranes

  • Rigid and Flexible Pavement Failure

  • Floor Damage Assessment


  • Field Exploration , Testing and Evaluation

  • In-Situ Piezocone Testing and Evaluation

  • Soil and Site Improvement

  • Ground Improvement Methods

  • Pre- and Post-Densification Testing

  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Design

  • Static Load Testing and  Instrumented Pile Load Test

  • Pile Integrity Testing (PIT,PET) and Evaluation

  • Geophysical Survey and Evaluation

  • Helical Pile Design and Installation Monitoring


About Me

For over 50 years, I have worked on a variety of projects in the United States and abroad encompassing both design and construction. I have a variety of experience in such areas as pavement design, shallow and deep foundations for buildings, deep water bulkheads, vibratory foundations, pile and drilled shafts for public works projects, geosynthetic design/installation, rock blasting consultation, vibration monitoring from pile driving and construction operations, forensic geotechnical engineering, building and site damage assessment, sinkhole detection and remediation, as well as airport and roadway pavement evaluations.



  • Finding solutions to serve our client’s best interests

  • Cannot, must not, and will not settle for old solutions to new problems

  • Find the right answer, Find it the first time, & Find it in time.


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D.S. "Sax" Saxena, PE, D FE, D GE

Diplomate Forensic Engineer

Diplomate Geotechnical Engineer

Tel: 813.738.1634 (o)

813.738.1634 (c)

813.345.8007 (f)

4797 Maritime Waters Court

Land O Lakes, Florida  34638
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